2019 Conference Schedule



Wednesday, June 5th

7:30am   Registration

7:55am     Welcome & Introductions, Jean Hunhoff

8:00am    Plenary Session "Ethics in a Digital Age," Louis Stanger, Ed.D, LCSW,       CDWF, CIP

9:15 am     Plenary Session "Brain Changes in Dementia," Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA

10:45am   Breakout Session I

12:00pm   LUNCH AND LEARN 

12:30pm  Plenary Session "Using a Positive Approach to Dementia Care," Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA


2:00 pm   Breakout Session II 

3:30pm  Plenary Session: "Burnout, Resilience, Recharging Yourself," Connie Schroeder, BS, MA


4:45pm   Optional Session: "History of the Yankton State Hospital,"  Crystal Nelson, BS, AS - MEAD CULTURAL EDUCATION CENTER

5:45 pm   Optional Session: "Overview of the South Dakota Human Services Center," Barb Mechtenberg, MSW, LCSW - SOUTH DAKOTA HUMAN SERVICES CENTER (MEET AT HSC MAIN ENTRANCE)


Thursday, June 6TH

7:30am   Registration (only for those who did not attend on Wednesday)

7:30 am Yankton Riverboat Days Captain and Belle Welcome YAMWI Conference Participants 

7:50am   Welcome and Announcements, Jean Hunhoff

8:00am  Plenary Session: "Trauma and the Body," Daniel Burow, Ed.D

9:30am    Plenary Session: "Angela Kennecke Broadcasts Her Own Daughter's Heartbreaking Overdose Death," Angela Kennecke, MA

10:45am   Breakout Session III


12:25 WELCOME Dr. Marcus Long, President, Mount Marty College

12:30pm    HOT TOPICS 

2:00pm   Breakout Session IV

3:00pm  CLOSING SESSION:  "Doing the Right Moves to Work-Play-Live Pain Free, Mark "Coach Rozy" Roozen, M.Ed, CDCS, *D, TSAC-F, FNSCA



10:45 am


Session I

1) Medication Assisted Withdrawal Management

Pam VanMeeteren, RN, MS, CARN-AP, DNP


2) Brain Changes in Dementia, Interactive Session, Teepa Snow, MS< OTR/L, FAOTA


3) Emotional Toll of Immigration, Sarah Brandt, BS


4) Maladaptive Behaviors in the Classroom Setting, Tyler Anderson, M.Ed



5) Sexual Exploitation of Homeless LGBTQ Youth, Tiffany C. Graham, BA, JD



6) Trafficking in our Communities: What You Can Do to Make a Difference, Bridget Diamond-Welch, Ph.D



2:00 pm


Session II

7) Gen Z- Trends in Anxiety, Depression, Texting, Vaping & More, Louise Stanger, Ed.D, LCSW, CDWF, CIP


8) Using a Positive Approach to Dementia Care, Interactive Session, Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA


​9) Suicide Prevention Training: Question, Persuade, Refer, Sheri Nelson, MA, LAC


10) The Counselor's Role in Red Cross Disaster Relief, Terry Crandall, MA & Amy Reyes, MS.Ed



​11) Disability Rights = Diversity Rights, Natalie Perry, JD


12) L.I.V.E. Presentation on Active Shooter Options, Michael Burgeson, MA



10:45 am


Session III

13) Finding Happiness in Our Messes and Strengths in Our Weaknesses, Claretta Cunningham, BS, BA, MA & Tiffany Kashas, VS, MAIS


14) Silver Tsunami - Aging, Addition, Mental Health and Chronic Pain, Louise Stanger, Ed.D, LCSW, CDWF, CIP


15) High School Graduation Requirements, Andrea Diehm, MA


16) An Ethical Prospective on Counselor Training and Supervision, Part 1, Daniel Burow, Ed.D (participation in Part 1 is recommended to attend session 24)


17) Helping the Healing Process Using Indigenous Cosmologies, Gary Cheeseman, Ed.D, MA, BA, AA



18) Playing Russian Roulette, Angela Kennecke, MA



2:00 pm

Breakout Session IV

19) Publicly Funded Services for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness, Including Schizophrenia and Other Major Mental Illnesses, SD Division of Behavioral Health Staff


20) Understanding Addiction Disorders and the Impact on Mental Health, Alicia Hagstrom, MS, LPC, LAC, CRC & Melissa Roby, MS, LPC, LAC


21) Drugs, Addiction and The Court System, Angela Kennecke, MA


22) Fifteen Minutes Ago: A Vietnam Memoir, Craig Tschetter, AS


23) Integrating Mindfulness and Other Treatment Modalities in Trauma Therapy, Donna Aldridge, MA, LPC, QMHP


24) An Ethical Prospective on Counselor Training and Supervision, Part 2, Daniel Burow, Ed.D (Participation in Session 16 is recommended to attend this session)



Yankton Area Mental Wellness, Inc.

1028 Walnut Street

Yankton, SD 57078

605.665.4606 ext 1018



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